HP NC552SFP reboot problem


HPNC552SFP reboot problem report  



1. The background

Customer feedback our JG081C & JD097C productproblems in HP DL160 server. When Cable was in the server, customer rebootedthe server and  the network card couldn’tbe found. In order to get these to work, they had to remove our cables first,and then reinstalled our cables after rebooting the server. SFP Operation at 1G

The GLC-GE-DR-LX SFP can interoperate with other 1GSFPs/interfaces as long as those are based on 1000BASE-LX/LH standard. Noattenuator is needed in any fiber strand.


2. The test environment

Server: HP DL160 server

NIC: HPNC552SFP/Dual port 10GB

Management platform:vmwarevSphere Web Client


3. VMware vCenterServer Introduction

VMwarevCenterServerprovides a scalable, scalable platform that provides the foundation forvirtualization management.

VMware vCenterServer: A central, scalable, scalable platformwith broad partner system support, with centralized control and visibility atevery level of the virtual infrastructure and the potential to proactivelymanage vSphere.

With VMware vCenter Server, virtualizedenvironments become easier to manage, one administrator managing more than 100workloads and doubling the productivity of managing physical infrastructures.

Test environment structure diagram:

Here, the virtualdevice is an HP network card, and the host is a host or server on which thenetwork card is installed. The vCenter server is a server on whichVMwarevCenterServer is mounted. The user can log in to the server managementhost and the virtual appliance through the vSphere Client.


4.Testenvironment to build   

Preparationand tools:

OneDell server

One server with Windows Server 2012 R2 system

HPNC552SFP network card

      Vmware ESXi 6.5 softwarrd

      Vmware-VIM-all-6.5.0.iso softwarrd

      Another computer


(1)vmware esxi6.5System installation

Tomanage the host through the VMware vSphere Client, you need to install thevmware esxi system on the host and make the necessary settings.

First,install the HPNC552SFP network card to the host.

Downloadvmware ESXi6.5 system to the host and install it:



After installation, you can enter thehost system, as shown below:


(2)vmware vCenter Server installation

Install VMware vCenter Server Management Platform software onanother Windows Server 2012 R2 system server.

Mount VMware-VIM-all-6.5.0.iso to theserver and install it:


After completing the installation, useanother computer to log management platform via web page:

(3) vmware vCenter Server settings

After entering VMwarevCenterServer, weneed to set the connection to the host:

When completing,it is shown as below:

The environment is completed here.



Login vmware vSphere Web Client management platform via Web page to view the hostinformation:




HP network card can be properlyidentified:



Insert the SFP cable into the networkinterface and the cable can work normally:



Next,with the cables in, reboot the server:



Vmware vSphere Web Client managementplatform disconnects from the host:


After a period of time, the host rebootingcompletes.Click refresh to reconnect the host:


After the rebooting is completed, theHP network card can be recognized and the cables is working properly:



The HP NC552SFP NIC installed on theDELL server, the use of vmware vSphere Web Client management platform hotrestart the server, HP NIC can still be identified, NIC and cable hot restartnormal.



By Faten Fang |Position: FAE

Email: fangzt@moduletek.com

Phone: 15271810438

Date: 2017.12.31




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