Optical fiber end surface detection and cleaning methods


Opticalfiber end surface detection and cleaning methods




Inthe application of optical modules, the cleanliness of the optical fiber endsurface greatly affects the transmission quality. Contamination of the opticalfiber end surface can affect the transmission performance of the optical fiberlink, increase the Insertion loss of the connector and reducing the Return lossof the connector. May even cause paralysis of the entire link in severe cases.

Therefore,to correctly understand the importance of Optical fiber end surface detectionand cleaning, to ensure the cleanliness of the optical fiber end surface.


Twokinds of common optical fiber end surface dirt detection methods are visualinspection and instrument inspection.


Visual inspection

Observewhether the refraction of the end surface is bright to detect whether the endsurface is clean and smooth, and if the end surface reflects light is smoothand bright, it is considered cleaner. If the end of the light reflection is nottoo bright and not smooth enough, there is likely to be dirt or dust on the endsurface, such a surface will seriously affect the quality of opticaltransmission.


Instrument inspection

Atpresent, there are many inspection tools for the optical fiber end surface.Among them, the optical fiber microscope is the most extensive professionalchecker. The optical fiber microscope for multimode displays a magnification of200 times in general and the optical fiber microscope for single mode  shows a magnification of 400 Times Thefollowing are typical types of contamination observed through the instrument.


Fiberend surface detector is generally divided into two kinds. Fiber and optical transceivermanufacturers generally use a fixed fiber end detector. Can choose a variety ofmagnification, can clearly identify smudges.

Outdoorengineers generally use the portable fiber end detector, which has theadvantage of small size, light weight, convenient travel operations.

About the optical fiber end surface cleaningmethod in two ways.

A) Usingdust free paper or dust free cloth to wipe the end surface of the fiber withanhydrous alcohol, this method is easy to operate and low in cost.

B) Professionalcleaning rod for cleaning the inside of the fiber optic adapter. Common 1.25mmand 2.5mm two specifications.  1.25mm forcleaning the LC connector, 2.5mm for cleaning the FC / SC / ST connector.


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