Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to ModuleTek is a commitment to conduct business in a responsible manner as stated in our Code of Conduct, to take stakeholders perspectives into account and to create value for our shareholders and society. The overall objective is to contribute to sustainable development by taking the global lead towards reliable optical communication solutions. 

Our CSR approach 

ModuleTek’s CSR commitment is built on our vision, business strategies and ambitions. It is based on our core business, operating context, stakeholder’s expectations as well as our core values and company culture. 

The approach encompasses both risk management and value creation dimensions as well as ModuleTek’s contribution to sustainable development.

Our commitment is permeated by three aspects:
1.environmental care ethics
3.human rights and social issues.

The three areas are linked together. If a company is non-profitable it will get difficult in the long term to find capital for investment in environmentally enhanced technology and improvements in the workplace. If not addressing environmental issues there is a huge risk of bad reputation which leads to loss of customers and profit. And if the company do not address human rights and social issues it can be difficult to retain and recruit employees with the right competence. 

We firmly believe this approach will build trust among our stakeholders, create value for our stakeholders and ModuleTek as well as enable ModuleTek to contribute to sustainable development.